M.C. "Catbox" Catnip

Kitty Oracle of the Terrible Sea


Catfolk Oracle lv2
Mystery: Waves
Curse: Clouded Vision

Str: 12
Dex: 17
Con: 13
Int: 11
Wis: 8
Cha 19


(Note: His real name ((assuming he has one)) is not what is listed above. He asks each person he meets to name him, responding to the new name only for that person. Each reference to him below uses a new name also)

Ever since he was born, every member of his tribe knew Scritchers was…different. Not only was his mannerisms most peculiar, he had an odd gift of magic which was nearly unheard of among his people. He was brought up to be the tribe’s shaman, the others believing his strange habits represented wisdom they could never understand.

Despite being born near the coast in Osiria, Four-Paws never knew the sea was there. Between his naivete and his poor vision he just never noticed it. When he finally stumbled across is shortly after turning twenty, he utterly freaked out. Despite being an oracle with ties to the sea, he is suspicious and nervous over any amount of liquid larger than a mug. He quickly decided to scout out this ‘new enemy’ and left his tribe on a vision quest to follow the coast line to see how big it really was.

Fuzzykins has been following it for a year so far. His tribe still wonders where he wandered off to.

Current list of names

Carpet-Man (Conchobar Shortstone)
Catnip (Logan)
Catty (Rosie Cusswell)
Furrball (Master Scourge)
Jones (Crimson Cogward)
Split-end (Tilly Brackett)
Furry Man (Fishguts)
Hairy Man (Keane)

Friendly NPCs

-Tilly Brackett
-Sandara Quinn

M.C. "Catbox" Catnip

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