The Wormwood Mutiny

Log Post 11

It took forever but we did find our lost crew mates…In the worst possible place I have ever been. I am getting much too old for this. Well not really, just it was a lot to deal with since we also had to deal with that foggy island place (twice). Feels like I haven’t rested in months. I am glad that Oatu is a tiny octopus and not some giant devilfish monstrosity. I would say that fate was on my side, or luck, more than likely should have died in that watery death trap several times.

KF: Fear

At the helm, no I didn’t go mad. But there’s many who think I am. Nah, I was just afraid.

Now’ don’t be lookin’ at me like I’m some kinda coward. Everyone gets scared. Unless they really are mad. Most’re just too cowardly to ‘mit it. There ain’t no feeling like that of knowing you’re about to die — the focus, excitement, every action you take influencing whether you live or die. That’s what it means to really live.

You gotta treat yer fear like any other beast that aim to take yer life. You meet it in battle. Tame it, and ride it. It’s now yer tool, yer weapon. Own it, and show your enemies how you overcome it. Most men run from fear, or hide it. But to wear it, conquer it, use it — that’s intimidating.

- Captain Savelad

KF: Respect the Duel

Respect the duel. It ain’t no ordinary fight. It’s a sacred act shared only by two men. Or women if it suits yer fancy. When you duel, you look yer opponent in the eyes. Never cut ‘em down before they have a chance to defend ’emselves. It’s all ‘bout the honor of warrior and blade. All y’really need to r’member is that it’s a fair battle between two warriors, a fair test of skill an’ ability. There’s no honor in shabby tricks.

When challenged, you gotta show up. Where I come from, it’s just fine to forfeit. It’s more honorable to admit defeat to a better warrior than to cower out. An’ don’t go ‘round challengin’ every swordsman you see. That’s just petty. If I train you right, you can strike down jus’ ‘bout any soldier ’round. You challenge a duel when you’re honor is at stake, or when you find a worthy swordsman who will test yer skill in battle.

- Captain Savelad

KF: Way of the Warrior: Part 2

Savelad stopped. The crew was silent. Smoke was still rising from the ship. He turned, facing the young man. “What is it, Boy?”

Foster, standing about fifteen paces from the Captain, spoke after only a brief hesitation, “We could’ve avoided them, altogether.”

“Go on, Lad. And think carefully ‘bout what you really want’a say.”

Foster swallowed, but looked Savelad in the eye. “We could have turned around. Outran them. The ship would be fine an’ no one would be dead.”

The rest of the crew only watched. A swift wind whistled, then faded. “I made a decision, and I won’t be disputed on my ship. Now, I’m tired, Boy. I want’a rest. I’ll let you off with bilges duty if you ’pologize, now.”

Foster drew his sword. “I’ve made my decision, too, Capt’n. And I don’t think you’re fit to run the ship.”

“So be it, Boy.” Savelad unsheathed his weapon, as well, and the two of them stood face-to-face, blade-to-blade, the entire crew circled around them in anticipation. At that, moment, Keane jumped out into the middle, his wooden sword raised to Foster. He knew where his loyalty was. Foster broke the law of the ship, so he’s the one at fault. “Stand back, Lad. This is my fight.”

Foster charged forward, his sword striking from the right, only to be deflected by that of Savelad’s. He was fast. And graceful. It was difficult to anticipate his maneuvers. Yet, blow after blow, Savelad managed to deviate his attacks, though it did look like it was difficult for him to get one of his own in. Finally, with one swift jab, Savelad’s blade was pierced through Foster’s abdomen.

Savelad retracted his blade, wiped it off, and sheathed it. Foster fell to the ground. Savelad knelt beside him, and spoke softly, “Too bad, Kid. I liked you. You would’a made a fine captain some day. But not on my ship.” He stood up, and began walking to his cabin. But before he went below deck, he walked by Keane. “Next rule: Respect the duel.”

KF: Way of the Warrior: Part 1

It was late afternoon when all crew were called to deck. For Keane, who was shorter than most of the crew and 11 years of age, it was easy to get disoriented in the confusion of several hustling bodies, but like the rest, he made his way to deck with haste. Within seconds, it was obvious what was going on: a naval warship was spotted. The Coral Raider was in foreign waters, and not all people take kindly to pirates. It wasn’t long before cannons were being fired from the spotted craft as well as the Coral Raider.
Just minutes ago, Keane had been below deck, practicing with his wooden sword that he now had fastened to his waste with a crude sash.

It was clear that this ship was much larger than the Raider, and that they were significantly out-gunned. “All crew stand back! And keep those cannons going!” Savelad took the helm, “Alright, Men, we’re gonna make a pass!” He shifted all focus ahead, his eyes wide open, his teeth making a sharp grin. The look in Savelad’s face resembled excitement, but there was more, like he had just become more alive, more focused, more insane – that was it – he had just gone crazy for the excitement of battle.

The Coral Raider began to pick up speed, changing it’s facing to the front of the naval warcraft. The craft began to turn turn to face its cannons towards the Raider, but the arc of the Raider’s course almost compensated until the two ships were seemingly about to collide until the final seconds where the Raider passed right by the side of the larger ship. It was at least one deck higher than the Raider, cannons firing both ways. Shivers and boards were flying in the smoke. At least one man dropped down onto the Raider where two sword killed him instantly.And within a few seconds, the other ship was behind the faster, smaller ship. A few man-held guns were still being fired from the stern of each ship, but there was no way the larger of the two would be able to turn around and catch up w iththe Coral Raider.

The Coral Raider had taken heavy damage, but it got away. Two crewmen were dead, three others injured. And all before a single target was hit. It was a poor result to a promising raid. “Set a new course. Find me a place to fix me ship. I’ll be in me quarters.”

“Hold on there, Capt’n.” All eyes looked towards the one who dared speak up. It was a newer recruit, as fast as we was strong, and charming as well. He was well-liked, all-around even by the Captain, himself. His name: Foster.

Log Post 10 and 10.5


Log Post 09

My what an eventful time we are all having on this GOD FORSAKEN ISLAND! I got viciously mandible-hugged by and Ankheg and had to in the end sacrifice a poor pony so we could all get away. We climbed a very large staircase only to get attacked by these vine armed things. If that wasn’t enough, I saw Keane heading towards a building and I followed him rather than take the rest I so very much needed. Ends up there was this undead man who was hanging from the ceiling and used Keane as a step ladder and then showed his obvious enthusiasm at getting down by vomiting out a swarm of mutant bot flies. Cat guy set the building aflame and did that building go up in flames something fierce. In the end we all somehow survived and while everyone else was combating the fire I took a much needed rest. I am sure Zzyzx wanted to strangle me for taking a rest but as far as I am concerned it is far more important that I meditate and get all my spells back. We rode back down to our boat (See? That rest allotted me back those summon spells I needed) and are now heading towards a cove in the hope of returning to the boat with our lost shipmates. We are going to need all the help we can get against Plug and Scourge. Also Sindara is a nice human and I wouldn’t mind her returned to us.

KF: Aboard The Coral Raider: Part 3

Keane watched the port get smaller and smaller, the boat beneath him already rocking as it does on sea. The man who stole his food, no longer on the ship. He was no longer able to serve on the ship, so he was left behind. It was probably for the best. Keane would be too tempted to take the man’s life. As Keane rest near the stern of the ship, he could hear familiar footsteps approaching from behind. “Looks like you decided to stay,” said Savelad. He had some kind of pipe in his mouth, seaping out the smell of smoke and spice. “Now that yer healed up, you can work. You can start by rigging up those sails.” He cocked his head towards the rigging where two men were already working.

“Aye,” Keane responded. “And how’do I do that?”

“That’s why you’ve been watchin’ them. Now, get to work.”

Keane hustled to the rigging, and began to work as best he could. For the next few days, that’s where he worked. On one occasion, a rope snapped due to an error on his part, and ship ship went off course. As stormed to the rigging, and Keane was already working to fix it. With the help of the other riggers, the ship was soon in sailing condition. “What happ’ned‽” Savelad demanded.

“The rope snapped,” Keane replied.

“Why’d it snap‽”

“I d’know.”

“’Cause you messed up!” he shouted, kicking Keane in the knee. “Now get t’yer feet and don’t mess up again!”

Keane wished it were that easy, but every once in a while, he would make another mistake, and he was never sure how the Captain would respond. At times, he would get violent, but other times, it was almost as if he didn’t even care. There was another occasion where Keane was responsible for a crate of supplies going overboard. Savelad watched the entire thing, and didn’t even flinch, as if it never happened. He even saw the Captain beat one man to unconsciousness with his fists. Keane didn’t even know what that poor guy did to deserve that.

Other than rigging and swabbing, another one of Keane’s usual tasks was to feed the beasts below deck. The beasts, as they were called by the crew, were Cyclops. The odd thing was that they weren’t often restrained, only locked behind a door. Even more odd was that between the two of them, they would have no problem breaking down that door, but the door wasn’t damaged any more than any other door on this ship.

After about of week at sea, Savelad approached Keane during his evening meal. He had a bottle is his hand and his breath smelled of spirits, It was unclear how much or how long Savelad had been drinking, and it was difficult to gauge his inebriation. “I’ve d’cided that yer a pretty tough lad, and you’ve got heart. At my age, I should be thinkin’ taking on a disciple, and there’s not a lot of young folk who I would rather train than you. You understand what I’m sayin’ here?”

“Yer sayin’ you want to train me at somethin’.”

“Aye. There be a word my master taught me. He learned it from his master who took it from his native tongue. That word be ‘sensei.’ That’s what I’ll be to you.” He took one final swig from his bottle and threw it overboard, then walked away.

The next morning, Keane began his normal tasks. While on the deck, about to climb up the rigging, Savelad threw a splintered board before him, and from his boot, he pulled a small knife and threw it, sticking it into a crate beside the boy. “Make yerself a sword. A dull one. Make it look like mine if yer able.”

Keane had only seen the Captain’s sword drawn a few times. And usually when it was unsheathed, there was something else happening that was a little more eye-catching. But Keane did remember that there was an unusual curve to the blade, and that it was only sharpened on the one side. It was unfortunate that he had little to no experience working with wood. After a couple of hours of work, Keane did manage to create a crude bludgeoning instrument slightly resembling the Captain’s sword. Savelad was less than impressed, however, and destroyed the piece that Keane had spent the entire day creating by cracking over his knee. “You can try again, tomorrow,” he said, as he took the broken pieces with him.

For the next few days, Keane carved away at planks made of inferior wood, and every evening Savelad would destroy what he had made. Finally, after the Captain had destroyed his wooden sword, Keane shouted, “No! I’m not doin’ this again! Yer givin’ me the worst wood on the ship, this knife is dull, an’ no madder how good I do, yer jus’ gonna break it again. I don’ think…” That is where Savelad interrupted Keane by picking him up by the scruff of his shirt. The Captain began walking across the deck, carrying the boy. Keane could see the side of the boat getting closer. “No! I didn’t mean it! I’ll do it again!” Keane felt the impact of the wooden deck as he was dropped.

“Get down there.” Keane realized he was dropped at the door going below deck. He did as ordered, and the Captain followed. “Keep goin’.” Keane went down another deck, and even one more deck, every time the Captain behind him. Savelad punched Keane in the gut, dropping him to the ground. He then opened one last door, and kicked the boy into the bilges. “I want that clean by morn’n.” The door above closed, and everything was dark.

Morning came, and Keane hadn’t slept. The door above opened and a crew member instructed Keane out. He then handed the boy a plank and the same dull, knife. “Cap’n said you’d know what to do wit’ these.” Keane took the items and found a place to begin whittling.

Two more days passed, and the Captain was ready for his nightly inspection. “It seems you’ve gotten pretty good, I see,” he said, handling the wooden sword in his hand. “This be pretty fine work.” His tone was convincingly sincere. “Too bad this be firewood.” Once again, he broke the sword, and continued on his way.

Keane was really upset, now. But he didn’t want to spend another night in the bilges, so he kept his mouth shut, but his fists were tight, and a vein in his forehead protruded with anger. He couldn’t believe that Savelad would do that. He actually seemed to like this one.

Morning came once more, and Keane could here the Captain coming. He turned to the sea, not wanting to look at the Captain at the moment. He heard the sound of wood hitting the deck, and saw it land in the corner of his eye. But this wasn’t a plank; it was a wooden sword that seemed to be made by a master craftsman. “I’ll be takin’ my knife back, now.”

Keane picked up the sword. “What’s this?” he asked, a little puzzled.

“That’s yer new trainin’ weapon. The ones you made would’ve broken, anyway. I managed to snap ‘em with m’hands, even. This is made of solid wood. Break this one, though, and you will have to make a new one.”

“Aye, thanks.”

“What’re you doin’? Get to the rigging.” Keane was about to run to the rigging until he remembered he had a three foot wooden sword in his hand. “Take it with you. Take it where ever you go. It’s yer weapon and yer life.” Keane fastened it to his body using some loose rope, and continued to the rigging. Savelad lit his pipe.

Log Post 08

Plug seems to be up to something, something that will probably result in him killing us quicker than assumed. Great ends up he wants to keep the boat for himself and be captain which definitely means he will just get rid of us lot. We will have to deal with that a bit later because a storm is moving in. We where attacked by these weird octo-goblin things called grindylows which we fended off easily enough (I assume). Unfortunately two of the crew have been taken by the little blighters. The lot of us are off to “gather water” at the nearest island, hopefully we will be in time. Go around the island, attacked by giant crabs and lost out on their delicious flesh, sort of feels like an outside force is denying us the niceties of life. Walked through a corn field and got attacked by a swarm of mutant botflies which luckily have a taste for blood and I summoned a bloody skeleton to keep them distracted. He should resurrect himself in an hour or so, feel kind of bad about that but I don’t have the luxury of going back and dousing the bones in holy water. Good thing it has no soul.

Log Post 07

Merchant ship tries to flee us but we catch it, board it, and take it. We all got a nice share of the booty and partied for the better part of two days. I didn’t really revel with everyone else since I still prefer time to myself (exception is Oatu) but I did make a shark soup for everyone for having survived our first boarding. Got assigned to the new ship along side my friends and Croop. Sadly though I have to leave Grok behind, I shall miss her greatly. The only thing left to say is that I am very surprised that Speedy the Cowboy took down so many sailors and…a shark. Truly animals are amazing things, sadly this means that we have one less meat pig on our journey.


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