The Wormwood Mutiny

A Strange Connection: Part 1

It was a clear day, though the sky was not entirely void of clouds. Wormwood had been sailing for a few days, its new “recruits” adjusting to the ship. Then, land was spotted. A few of the new — Inet, Keane, Catbox, and Sandara — crewmembers were randomly selected to retrieve fresh water and foodstuffs.

There were two other crewmembers — still randomly selected — who usually were grouped with them on their missions: Logan and Zzyzx. And though the two of them had just met days ago, they already felt a strange bond with one another. It was quite odd, as if they had known each other for a lengthy duration of time.

The others left for the island in search of food and water, where Loan and Zzyzx were left aboard, high in the rigging. Logan, who had taken the crow’s nest couldn’t help but be singing under the blue sky, despite his most recent situation. From a certain point of view, it could be seen as a job opportunity. Caught in the moment, he sung loader than intended, and Zzyzx caught the sound of his voice in the ocean wind. Zzyzx focused on Logan who instantly ceased all sound, even breathing as he turned an most interesting color of red. Zzyzx couldn’t help but smile. He actually enjoyed the sound of Logan’s singing voice.

Inet White'tide's History pt 2

Inet’s life on her own.

Inet history new

Log Post 02.5

Worm wood 2 new

Log Post 02

Worm wood new

Like a cat meeting water

As darkness gives way to light, land shall give way to the sea.

He-of-many-names becomes He-who-does-not understand as his enemy surrounds him.

He shall collect as many friends as he has names but never would he realize what is happening.

He sees much. He understands little.

3 oppose his ascension, 4 aid his way.

The scourge of the sea renders judgement.

He seeks the sound of violins, but finds only silence.

Coin is lost and won as he proves his strength.

And Opposites Attract.

Log Post 01

[Rather than always do a written journal entry I shall sometimes include a drawn entry instead]

Ww mutiny new

Inet White'tide's History pt 1

Inet Aldasumé was born and raised in an average wood elf village, her parents were both merchants making them one of the few families to have any lengthy contact with other races. When Inet was 10 years old her parents took her with on a longer trading route to a coastal village. Inet had been taken with the sea being that it was her first time seeing it and spent the entirety of the first day at the beach. As she was being called back indoors by her mother a large wave suddenly appeared and swept her off the beach. Her parents spent hours trying to find her body before giving up when the dark of night made their eyes useless. On the following day they found her sitting on the beach completely changed; she had been blonde with golden eyes like her father, instead she had black hair that looked like wet seaweed and mismatched green and blue eyes. They were too happy to find her alive to question the change so deeply.

After that event when they brought her back home she was never the same. Inet took a liking to making concoctions both with alchemy and food and her parents supported her habits but were concerned by her preoccupation with studying and lack of social interactions. There was also her fixation on drawing a strange bulbous creature with 8 tentacled limbs all over every surface of her room. When asked about it Inet expressed that the creature she drew was named Oatu and he was her best friend in the world. The arch mage of the village examined Inet, the only conclusion he could come to was that Inet had been touched by the sea and that the strange creature she drew was her connection to some sort of arcane power. His advice to her parents were to continue their support of her interests because to attempt to separate her from her interest might result in an unsavory disposition. Especially since it was observed that at times when Inet would get frustrated with someone little misfortunes would follow them, like finding every loose stone on a short road, or eating an apple laden with worms. Best not tempt such misfortune.

So Inet continued on for several decades, studying, mixing, cooking, and collecting anything sea-related her parents brought back for her from their travels. In the course of those 40 years they had never brought her with them on a journey to a coastal settlement, too frightened that the sea would call her and she would never return to them. When she was 54, Inet finally decided that she wanted to find her octopus (eventually discovered the species in a book when she was 16) friend Oatu. Inet left home with a sizable fortune that her parents supplied her, so as to support herself and set out for the coast. Inet used her inheritance to build a stilted house on the beach laden with all the things she loved to study. After two months in her new home Inet finally met Oatu who was stowed away in one of her fishing traps. To her, he was the most beautiful creature in the world all sand colored with bright blue rings. As soon as she held him the whole world made sense to her and she knew that her life would never be the same. Never again would she live in the forest away from the sea, the ocean was her home and the source of her magic and there she would stay. From that day on she was no longer Inet Aldasumé, she was Inet White’tide.

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