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Shortly after arriving in the infamous Port Peril, our adventurers find themselves at the Formidable Maid; a popular local tavern. Sometime during the night they ran afoul of some press-gangers and wake up in the damp hold of the Wormwood

Total crew: 23
Infamy: 4

1st post: 1 destiny point
2nd post: nothing
3nd post: 1 skill point
4th post: GM chosen ability increase or +1 disrepute
5th post: 1 Hp
6th post: +1 CMD vs chosen maneuver or +1 infamy
7th post: 1 cache point
8th post: 1 skill point
9th post: nothing
10th post: 1 cache point
11th post: nothing
12th post: 365 exp

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Cache Points

Currently on hour 19 of our island adventure…

All players spent destiny in the fight against the Brinebrood Queen and her Devilfish
1 Destiny Point used by Logan to prevent Filth Fever contraction
2 destiny points by Logan to survive getting knifed in the bilges
1 Destiny Point used by Cat to prevent Filth Fever effects
1 Destiny to survive Ghast by Keane

Bonus Feats
Cat= Prophetic Visionary (UM)
Z=Cosmopolitan (APG), Alertness (CR)
Logan= Antagonize (UM), Extra Rogue Talent: Camouflage(APG)
Inett= Spell Focus Conjuration (CR), Witch Knife(UM)

Conclusion book 1

+2 to Infamy and Disrepute scores
New Ship Acquisition: The Man’s Promise

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